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Spare room saviours!

Fri 21 Apr 2017

Not everyone has the luxury of having a spare room, but if you do you know it can so easily become a dumping ground or holding room for those things we need to find homes for. Christmas decorations, suitcases and general clutter tend to find their way to the spare room before finding somewhere more permanent to live. Well no more! Check out our ideas below for how to turn your tip into something tip top!


Reading Room or Library

Do you long for that quiet haven to sit and curl up in with a good book? A comfy, cosy space to store your beloved books and make the most of some ‘me time’? Why not create a reading room? With some bookcases or shelving and a comfy chair, you can find yourself in another world with a book of your choice.


Dressing Room or Walk in Wardrobe

Now here’s an idea for all the ladies (or gents) out there who know their Prada from their Primark! Is your wardrobe busting at the seams? Clothes spilling out into the bedroom and looking untidy? Why not promote them to giving them a room of their own. Whether you opt for built in wardrobes or free standing, add in a dressing table and some mirrors and you have the ultimate dressing area that any fashionista will be envious of.


Games Room or Cinema

One for the boys here! With a good blackout blind, some slouchy chairs or beanbags and a screen the size of London, you could banish all those gamers or cinephiles to their very own space forever!


Rent it out

With the government “rent a room” scheme in place you could earn up to £4250 per year from renting out a room in your home before you must pay tax. Having someone else living in your home isn’t for everyone but it’s a cost-effective way of getting the most from your spare room.


Home office or study

Some employers are now allowing staff to work for home. If you’re one of the lucky ones then why not turn your spare room into your very own office? With the addition of a desk and chair, fast internet access and a charging point for your phone, you could skip the morning commute and go to work every day in your pjs. Make sure you keep distractions to a minimum and only use the room for working in and you’re on your way to becoming the next Alan Sugar at home.


Play Room

Kids toys getting under your feet? Is your living room more like Toys’R’Us than a restful haven to relax in? Give the kids some space and encourage independence by creating them their very own toy room. Not only will it keep your living area a more ‘grown up’ zone, it will allow you to shut out the noise and clutter at the end of the day.


Whatever you decide to do with your spare room, do something! Don’t just leave it to collect dust. It could add interest and more importantly fun to your home.