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Be ready for the storm …. Forearmed is forewarned!

Thu 4 Jan 2018

storm eleanor

A messed up hair do and a bedraggled looking umbrella is not the end of the world but when winds are strong enough to buffet you off your feet, they can then easily cause damage to your home. So when this happens it’s too late for anyone to start climbing ladders to do that repair that you meant to inform your letting agent of weeks ago. Before the wind really gets itself het up, it is prudent to do some quick checks around your property to help prevent storm damage.

If you have been warned or believe that a serious storm is en route… then if you carry out these simple checks below then you’re doing what you can to minimalise any damage to you or your abode.

  • Ensure any debris is removed from outside and that any loose items are secured or stored inside, otherwise these can become potential missiles and pose threat to property and people
  • Make sure that all windows and doors are shut and secure, and locked where possible.
  • Secure your car in a garage (if possible), but at the very least park it away from any objects including trees that may fall and damage it
  • Unplug all non-essential electrical items, and keep watching the weather forecasts for up to date information.
  • Organise where your family and any pets will be during the expected storm time, to ensure everyone is safe.
  • Storms can result in power cuts, so make a storm kit which includes torches, candles, matches, necessary medication, food, water and blankets etc.

Also ensure that your gutters, gullies and drains are clear; this will allow heavy rainfall and melted ice to pass through quickly and effectively. If drainpipes and gutters aren’t cleaned, water can become trapped in the cold weather and cause these to crack and burst. Before the wind gets going, check your garden for any overhanging tree branches and loose debris that could damage your home in strong winds. Tree branches can be cut back and loose furniture can be stored inside sheds/garages etc.

Don’t forget if your home has been affected then so will countless others in the area have also been affected so repairs/ remedial works will take longer and also materials may become scarce. When Storm Doris hit the UK last year there was a shortage of fence panels in our area and they were becoming like Gold dust, so imperative that repairs reported to your letting agent as soon as able.

Take care – Kelly :)