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Estate Agent’s guide to buying a house

Thu 11 May 2017

Most of us will try to do it at some point in our lives, some of us more than once; then there are those who make a living from it. What am I talking about? BUYING A HOUSE!


You get the glossy brochures from the Estate Agents, or you look at the carefully staged photographs online, and generally the pictures are what most people use to select a property to buy. It’s an exciting time and it’s very easy to get carried away with it all and before you know it you’ve lost control. Well it doesn’t need to be that way. Below you will find my top tips of what to do when buying a property, whether it’s a home or an investment.

  1. Financing your purchase
  2. Before you even start looking at houses you will need to think about how you are going to fund the purchase. You may have had a cash windfall which you are going to use, but for the majority of us that aren’t that lucky, you will need a mortgage. Make sure that you investigate all your opportunities and if possible seek the advice of an independent mortgage broker.
  3. Know your limits
  4. Buying a house is a massive financial commitment. Make sure you know your limits and affordability before jumping into anything as you’ll still need to eat!
  5. Use the viewing time wisely
  6. Before you go along to any viewing make sure you do your research. Have a list of things to check while you are there and make a note of any issues you find – this will help when it comes to negotiating later on! Ask permission to take photographs – this makes it easier to remember the exact conditions of things. Make sure that you look at everything in great detail. It’s easy to get bogged down with the owner’s furniture etc, but that isn’t what you’re buying!
  7. Negotiating a deal
  8. Remember we talked budgets earlier on? Now it becomes important to have done so. Make sure you don’t go straight in with your best offer straight away unless you are competing with a lot of other buyers. If possible leave room to manoeuvre and increase your offer if needed but remember you limit – don’t get carried away as you will need to pay the bank back!

Sally :)