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Spare room saviours!

Not everyone has the luxury of having a spare room, but if you do you know it can so easily become a dumping ground or holding room for those things we need to find homes for. Christmas decorations, suitcases and general clutter tend to find their way to the spare room before finding somewhere more […]

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Dreaded inspection day!

Tenants you probably all have that sinking  feeling in your tummy  when you know that your agent is coming round later that day and you want every thing to be spick and span.  There is always something I’m told that you feel has let you down once the agent has left! It may well be that […]

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4 Reasons why you should leave the housework to Granny!

Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys it, but it’s one of those things in life that has to be done and we all feel better once it is done. No, I’m not meaning visit the in-laws, I’m talking housework! With the general consensus that the housework fairy doesn’t exist, the task usually falls with the […]

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How to sell your home in 48 hours!

The essential guide of how to sell your home quickly and easily You’ve made up your mind to move. You’ve contacted your Estate Agent and now your house is on line and then nothing happens for the next six months. Sound familiar? Nobody wants their home to be left on Rightmove’s shelf of ‘unsellable houses’. […]

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